Cats! Tee Release 21 November 2020

I threw up a Cats! tee for my fellow weirdo cat lovers out there. I don't know why I didn't release these two tees together, but here we are. Cats are real cool and you can be a real cool cat if you wear one. Thanks for lookin'! Click here for Cats!

Dogs! - Tee Shirt Drop 20 November 2020

Dogs! Teesh

I wanted a shirt that said, "Dogs!" in my favorite font so I made a shirt that says "Dogs!" in my favorite font! Click here to check it out.

I recently rescued a small puppy! I named him Milo. He and my three year old Labradane, Oliver, have been chumming it up pretty good and both of them are learning so much about each other. As Oliver has been a single child, this is a big change for him! It's a big change for all of us, to be honest. Milo has brought so many smiles already and I can't wait for a million more. Dogs are good for the heart. If you've been thinking of adopting a dog, please do so if you can! Now that I have two mouths to feed outside of my own, I decided to print these shirts that I've been envisioning in my mind for months. Simple, clean, and minimal design to show your support for Dogs!

This is the first release from the Little Buddy collection.

Designed in Cleveland and printed by hand on durable 100%, 5.5 ounce, ring spun USA cotton shirts from Tultex. Fit is pretty true to size.

Eighty-Sixed, Kid - Self Titled 21 October 2020

Today we are beyond stoked to announce the first single from, and pre-orders for, Eighty-Sixed, Kid's debut self titled EP! Daniel Palmentera's first solo offering comes after years of playing in his band My Mouth Is The Speaker. Working hard to craft his feelings into thoughtful, memorable bits of melody, Eighty-Sixed, Kid is an introspective and reflective output of emotion. The first single, "I Like Their Old Stuff Better" lays out how it feels when you hear new music from a favorite band that just doesn't hit like it once did. It's okay, though, because it's recognized that the music is still the best they've ever done.

Endnote Records · 01 - I Like Their Old Stuff Better

Following "I Liked Their Old Stuff Better" are four more offerings of honesty, introspection, loss, and melody. The track list looks like this:

I Like Their Old Stuff Better
Gut Punch
Kick Rocks, Eighty-Sixed, Kid
When You Came Home You Never Really Came Home

Pre-orders are LIVE right now! We are offering a CD, tee shirt, or a discounted bundle that includes both! Each option will come with an immediate download of the EP, which will hit streaming sites on 10/30/20. We recommend the bundle for the best value and highest level of support for Danny and Eighty-Sixed, Kid at a flat $20 shipped in the USA! All tee shirts are hand printed at Endnote HQ and orders will be sent out on or before 10/30/20.

If you'd like to support Eighty-Sixed, Kid and have immediate access to the entire EP, follow one of the following links! Otherwise, we'll see you on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and all the rest of 'em on 10/30/20!

Eighty-Sixed, Kid - Bundle (Tee Shirt and Compact Disc)
Eighty-Sixed, Kid - Compact Disc
Eighty-Sixed, Kid - Typographic Tee

Welcoming Rusted Hearts + Return Home Book 5 June 2020

Welcome Rusted Hearts to the Endnote roster! I've worked with the Rusted Hearts guys' various projects through the years creating album art, photos, and music videos and so I'm very pleased to be working with them once again as they become my inaugural Endnote release! Last June, I used images I had taken years before to construct an album cover for their digital only release of the EP "Return Home." Now, for the one year anniversary, we have expanded on those images to create a supplemental art book!

Aside from the music, a release's artwork and design is one of the most important aspects of a band's album. I have always loved combing through CD booklets and vinyl inserts, admiring photos and illustrations, while reading lyrics and thank you lists. With the rise of digital distribution and the ability for people to listen to a band on any of their preferred platforms, some of that experiential listening has fallen off. We're releasing this 48 page book as an expansion to the music without all the bulk of a vinyl, tape, or CD. As the designer for the original digital release, I was able to craft an album layout with photographs originally taken and used for the cover. Inside you will find 48 pages of photographs, lyrics, thank yous, and credits as well as a Rusted Hearts zine with commentary, history, merch designs, poster art, and more!

In the spirit of solidarity with Black Lives Matter, police and justice reform, and battling fascism, we will be donating the proceeds to the Cleveland chapter of Black Lives Matter.

The first run of this 48 page book is limited to 25 copies.

Purchase here -

Stream & download directly and pay what you can at
Stream on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, etc.

Donate to Black Lives Matter Cleveland directly -

Cleveland - The Butthole of the World 5 June 2020


After conversing with folks and reflecting on the messaging of "The Butthole..." shirt, I've decided to close sales. Thank you to all that were able to pick one up for a great cause. Together we were able to raise $1300 for #BLMcleveland.

Thanks for showing up, Cleveland. Shirts are ordered, I'll print them up and ship them out as soon as they come in!

I never wanted to make Cleveland tee shirts. There are plenty of great Cleveland brands who have built their business around Cleveland pride. I've worked for them and I love them! However, the mayor's remarks came at such a time that a good laugh was necessary, and I couldn't help but to create a graphic to momentarily zone out from the constant barrage of terrible in the world. People responded.

However terrible things may be, there is an underlying hope that it can be better. Things can change. My black brothers and sisters, neighbors and strangers, will some day be able to walk or drive down the street without fear of being targeted and brutalized by police because of the color of their skin. We're fighting a battle for the soul of this country. It must be love and peaceful understanding that drives this world, not fear and hatred. Progress comes at a cost, and with a fascist president in the white house, the battle will be tough. But we can and will fight against racists, fascists, and oppressors. Continue to show up and make your voices heard. White allies - please allow the voices who haven't been heard the moment to speak and listen. Make changes. Don't be a butthole.

All proceeds from the sale of this shirt will benefit Black Lives Matter Cleveland. I'm running a pre-order through the weekend to gauge interest and to see how many shirts need to be ordered from my supplier. Shirts will be hand printed by me in my garage. Please be patient, this is a pre-order, and I am not Amazon.

Purchase here -

Donate to BLMCleveland directly here -

Any questions please contact

Eighty-Sixed, Kid - Beach Bummed (Lyric Video) 5 May 2020

The first single from Eighty-Sixed, Kid now has a lyric video and it's streaming now on the Endnote Records Youtube channel. Check it out below, and head on over to our channel to like, subscribe, and leave a nice comment so that you can stay up to date.

Welcoming Eighty-sixed, Kid 22 April 2020

This never wasn't going to happen. Daniel Palmentera (Eighty-sixed, Kid) has been one of my best friends and most admired songwriters for a very long time. As he was releasing music with his band My Mouth Is The Speaker, I was alongside taking the photos and producing the album, poster, and tee shirt art almost every step of the way. Near the end of 2019 we got together in my office studio to record the Eighty-sixed, Kid song "Beach Bummed" together. This was the beginning of the hard work to come as Daniel would soon enter the studio with producer Rob Parr. Fast forward to March, 2020 – Daniel showed me the songs that he had recently recorded and I knew I needed to bring the label back to help people hear! So here we are, Eighty-sixed, Kid and Endnote Records. Two best buddies working together as always. We'll tell you more about the new songs as soon as it's time. In the meantime, stream "Beach Bummed"

Introducing 22 April 2020

Hey there, I'm Andrew. In 2013 I released a lathe cut record for Pittsburgh, PA band Brightside under the label name "Young Hope." I sold out of that small run and never did anything more other than a very limited lathe pressing of my own band's songs as a gift to my band mates. Life happened and the label fell to the back of my mind. I've spent 7 years thinking about how I still wanted to do a record label one day, but it never felt quite right. Now during the pandemic era, and as we're faced with so many unknowns, alongside the constant feeling of dread surrounding us, I felt that it was either now or never to start this back up again.

This is Endnote.