Eighty-Sixed, Kid - Self Titled 21 October 2020

Today we are beyond stoked to announce the first single from, and pre-orders for, Eighty-Sixed, Kid's debut self titled EP! Daniel Palmentera's first solo offering comes after years of playing in his band My Mouth Is The Speaker. Working hard to craft his feelings into thoughtful, memorable bits of melody, Eighty-Sixed, Kid is an introspective and reflective output of emotion. The first single, "I Like Their Old Stuff Better" lays out how it feels when you hear new music from a favorite band that just doesn't hit like it once did. It's okay, though, because it's recognized that the music is still the best they've ever done.

Endnote Records · 01 - I Like Their Old Stuff Better

Following "I Liked Their Old Stuff Better" are four more offerings of honesty, introspection, loss, and melody. The track list looks like this:

I Like Their Old Stuff Better
Gut Punch
Kick Rocks, Eighty-Sixed, Kid
When You Came Home You Never Really Came Home

Pre-orders are LIVE right now! We are offering a CD, tee shirt, or a discounted bundle that includes both! Each option will come with an immediate download of the EP, which will hit streaming sites on 10/30/20. We recommend the bundle for the best value and highest level of support for Danny and Eighty-Sixed, Kid at a flat $20 shipped in the USA! All tee shirts are hand printed at Endnote HQ and orders will be sent out on or before 10/30/20.

If you'd like to support Eighty-Sixed, Kid and have immediate access to the entire EP, follow one of the following links! Otherwise, we'll see you on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and all the rest of 'em on 10/30/20!

Eighty-Sixed, Kid - Bundle (Tee Shirt and Compact Disc)
Eighty-Sixed, Kid - Compact Disc
Eighty-Sixed, Kid - Typographic Tee