Rusted Hearts

Rusted Hearts is a band from the rustbelt city of Cleveland, Ohio. Formed by Patrick Farmer and Michael Taddeo, Rusted Hearts has a deep-seated musical history together. The journey to become Rusted Hearts began in a banter-filled chat room on Xbox Live while the two were in high school. The two bonded over music and video games before inevitably teaming up to play songs together. The two explored a wealth of musical styles in the various bands that the two would form or join while honing their craft in the coming years the years.

In 2019, Pat and Mike teamed up again to form Rusted Hearts. The duo wanted to take all that they had learned along the way and create a project truly honest and passionately creative. Pat would bare his soul through his journal-style lyrics and ardent approach to songwriting. The first songs from Rusted Hearts were written and recorded in sporadic late night sessions during an ice cold Ohio winter in Pat's basement studio. Those songs would become the "Return Home" EP that the band self-released digitally in June 2019. The songs on Return Home shake with a nostalgic energy and are filled with introspective lyrics.

Since the digital release of "Return Home", the band has won support of the local music community while preparing for the next steps to take as a band. They played numerous shows across Ohio and continued to lay their hearts down as they passionately worked on new music. Now, a year later, Rusted Hearts and Endnote Records have teamed up to do a limited-run 48 page book release of "Return Home" – filled with important album artwork that would otherwise be lost in a digital release, along with a bonus zine portion that looks back at year one of Rusted Hearts, and the years before. This book is a companion piece to the music that can be streamed online.